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Popular Recent. Questioning our Unquestionable Assumptions August 30th, Phil Zimbardo here. I've teamed up with my colleague Daniel Martin, PhD, to share the importance of heroism in these turbulent times. Let's get started:. While each superhero has an individual origin story, unique power, and complicated relationships with other superheroes and organizations, we rarely think of ourselves and those around us as potential Heroes.

Do we lack super individual strengths?

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Hyper-acute senses? Strong moral convictions? Awareness of unseen dimensions that shift others and ours behaviors, positively or negatively?

The obvious answer is no — but each one of us has unique knowledge, skills, and abilities that can help us stand out on a daily basis. The heroic question is: What are the forces in our lives that often times make us shy away from offering help, standing up for ourselves or others, or acting wisely on our heartfelt values? As we enter a new era of charged political challenges, in America as well as in Europe and Asia, we are stressed , uncertain, and fearful of about our future.

High School Heroes: Imagination

We all need more effective ways to communicate our feelings, and to share our compassionate concerns. Heroes are in all of us, no matter age, sex , political affiliation, religion , or ability. They are mostly ordinary, everyday people whose acts of heroism qualify as extraordinary.

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We define heroism as taking an intentional action in service to others in need or service to humanity by defending a moral cause, without personal gain and with awareness of likely personal costs. Heroism may involve an impulsive action, saving a life, or may be reflective, planning a course of action to oppose injustice and immorality. Heroes act against all forms of evil while standing up for principled values that make our society a better home for all citizens.

HIP summarizes decades of psychological research and offers an engaging and impactful series of lessons that give the opportunity to make heroic action a daily choice that is within our reach. We have had great success with our American program and in a dozen nations globally. Please visit the HIP website. Heroes are in all of us, no matter age, sex, political affiliation, religion or ability.

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Participants engage with meaningful experiential peer-to-peer discussions on cutting edge, evidenced- based perspectives on wellbeing, heroism, resilience , prejudice, and the power of unjust situational forces and how to resist them, values congruence, growth mindset orientation, and also the importance of socio-centrism.

The program relies on a rich fund of evidence based literature; primarily social psychology perspectives reliant on my life work, as well as many other lines of research:. Program introduction, and heroic empathic listening 2. Learning about fixed, static mind sets versus dynamic growth mindsets, with goal of cultivating a growth mindset 3. Situational awareness — Recognizing our environment and how situational forces can overpower us 4. Social conformity — Delving more deeply into group conformity, ways to avoid submission to unjust authority, and cultivation of heroism 5.

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