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The truth is that what people post on social media often has very little to do with their inner state of mind. Within minutes, the tweet blew up. Clayton says the inspiration for the thread came from an unlikely source: insurance companies. The resulting collection of photos offers a few important reminders. First, far too often, we see other people shining on social media, and we assume that they, and everyone for that matter, are far happier than we are.

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They have more friends and better relationships. Their kids never act like insatiable devils, and they actually love their in-laws. This cycle is exhausting. Posting about depression, addiction, or eating disorders in an intellectual, abstract way looks woke.

But discussing your personal darkness? Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. Some Yiddish words may sound comical to an English speaker.

Yiddish constructions—such as ending sentences with questions—became part of the verbal word play of Jewish comedians. One common strain of Jewish humor examines the role of religion in contemporary life, often gently mocking the religious hypocrite.

For example:. A Reform Rabbi was so compulsive a golfer that once, on Yom Kippur, he left the house early and went out for a quick nine holes by himself. An angel who happened to be looking on immediately notified his superiors that a grievous sin was being committed. The angel was horrified.

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Or, on differences between Orthodox , Conservative and Reform movements:. An Orthodox, a Conservative, and a Reform rabbi are each asked whether one is supposed to say a brokhe blessing over a lobster non- kosher food, normally not eaten by religious Jews. The Orthodox rabbi asks, "What is this The Reform rabbi says, "What's a brokhe? In particular, Reform Jews may be lampooned for their rejection of traditional Jewish beliefs. An example, from one of Woody Allen 's early stand-up routines:. Jokes have been made about the shifting of gender roles in the more traditional Orthodox movement, women marry at a young age and have many children, while the more liberal Conservative and Reform movements make gender roles more egalitarian , even ordaining women as Rabbis.

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The Reconstructionist movement was the first to ordain homosexuals , all of which leads to this joke:. At an Orthodox wedding, the bride's mother is pregnant. At a Conservative wedding, the bride is pregnant. At a Reform wedding, the rabbi is pregnant. At a Reconstructionist wedding, the rabbi and her wife are both pregnant. A man is rescued from a desert island after 20 years. The news media, amazed at this feat of survival, ask him to show them his home. How did you keep sane?

My faith as a Jew kept me strong. And what did you do for the next fifteen years? There, in a shady grove, is an even more beautiful temple.

That other place? I wouldn't set foot in that other temple if you PAID me! As with most ethnicities, jokes have often mocked Jewish accents —at times gently, and at others quite harshly. One of the kinder examples is:. One early winter morning, Rabbi Bloom was walking beside the canal when he saw a dog in the water, trying hard to stay afloat.

It looked so sad and exhausted that Rabbi Bloom jumped in, and after a struggle, managed to bring it out alive. A passer-by who saw this remarked, "That was very brave of you! You must love animals; are you a vet?

If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny

Of course I'm a—vet! I'm a—freezing cold as vell! Jewish humor continues to exploit stereotypes of Jews, both as a sort of "in-joke", and as a form of self-defence. Jewish mothers , "cheapness", hypochondria, and other stereotyped habits are all common subjects. Frugality has been frequently singled out:.

It costs at least a dollar! What did the waiter ask the group of dining Jewish mothers? The Priest says: "I draw a circle on the ground, take the offering, and throw it up into the air.

Any money that falls outside the circle is for the Lord, and the money that falls inside the circle is for me. I take the offering, throw it up into the air, and pray: "Lord take whatever You need, and feel free to send back the rest. A Buddhist monk goes to a barber to have his head shaved.

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And what do you know, the next day the barber comes to open his shop, and finds on his doorstep a dozen gemstones. That day, a priest comes in to have his hair cut. That day, Rabbi Finklestein comes in to get his payoss [sideburns] trimmed.

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A Jewish man lies on his deathbed, surrounded by his children. She says it's for the shiva. Frowning, the mother says, "Go back and tell them you want a speaking role! A Jewish girl bemoans, "Finally, I meet a nice, rich Jewish boy! He's just like papa. He looks like him. He acts like him.

Oy vey, mama hates him! After performing a marriage the Rabbi gave some advice to the newlyweds: "The first ten years are always the hardest," said the Rabbi. Or, on parenting from David Bader 's Haikus for Jews :. A Frenchman, a German and a Jew walk into a bar.