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Understanding Funeral Costs

This is a simple A4 sheet designed to help people indicate their preferences for their own funeral. Catholics will want to ensure that their funeral service reflects their faith, the faith of the Church. However it can be difficult for our next of kin make detailed arrangements for our funeral at the same time as dealing with the grief and loss they will experience at our passing.

They will be especially hard-pressed to prepare the funeral as we would wish if they do not share our Faith. It can therefore be a real help to others when we ourselves give thought to our funeral arrangements ahead of time, and let them know what our preferences are, so that when the time comes they can be taken account of to the fullest degree practicable. Parish priests have been asked to distribute copies of both documents to local funeral directors for the use of Catholics arranging a funeral or taking out a funeral plan. Guide for Preparing for a Catholic Funeral is available in two formats.

One is is arranged for easy reading on-line. The other is arranged for easy printing by parishes and others. Caregiving Topics End of Life Articles. Send To:.

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Home Funerals

Send Email Cancel. Funeral planning is an emotional and often costly process that is surrounded by a great deal of uncertainty. While it is best to discuss end-of-life wishes with loved ones ahead of time, many people shy away from this difficult conversation or never get the chance to have it at all.

Without some guidance, the options and information surrounding funerals and interment can quickly become overwhelming at an already trying time. Cremation End of Life Funeral Planning. Read 6 Comments. There are numerous natural burial grounds across the East of England — from peaceful woodland glades to green, thriving meadows. Choosing to have a funeral in one of these locations can be less formal, but still provides family and friends with a special place to visit.

Glennons Funeral Directors | Funeral Preparation | Kildare

There are regulations affecting natural burial sites, so please speak with one of our team to get all the information you need about this option. A traditional headstone might not be in keeping with your wishes if you are having a green funeral, so it is important to think about how you wish to mark the burial site.

Making funeral arrangements: Tips and information from a funeral director

Some people have a tree or plant placed as a memorial. Some sites may allow a temporary or stone marker, while others prefer a natural, biodegradable marker or no marker at all.

What Happens to the Body After Death?

We are very happy to help you make your choice. You can find out more about the different types of memorial we offer here. We offer a wide range of eco-friendly coffins for you to choose from. Our willow, seagrass and cardboard coffins are highly biodegradable, minimising their effect on the environment. Find out more about the range of coffins we offer here. Our Funeral team have many years of experience in planning and directing multicultural, religious and non-religious funerals, so we are always here to give you the perfect service.

We'll work with you to create a service that is full of personal touches. Our team can speak to you about your requirements in one of our branches, the comfort of your own home, or alternatively in your place of worship. We have many years of experience in making funeral arrangements for a number of cultures and religions, including:. Atheist funerals are similar to humanist funerals and are for those who lived their lives without religious affiliation or rejected the typically religious views associated with life and death.

At an atheist service, there is no specific reference to an afterlife. Religious readings and hymns are not part of an atheist funeral service. Songs and readings are still used but they are more likely to be favourite songs and poems or other readings. At most humanist services, family, friends and even acquaintances may be asked to share their fond memories with others in attendance. Both cremation and burial are common atheist funeral practices. Whether or not there is an open coffin depends upon individual preferences and circumstances.

What to do when someone dies

An atheist service can be held at any time. Some choose to hold services before burial, some at the graveside. Others may opt for a memorial service sometime after the burial or cremation. Religious memorial services are traditionally held on the third, seventh, forty-ninth, and one-hundredth day after the death, though these days can be flexible. The services may be held at a family home or at a monastery. The family can choose to limit the participation to family only or may invite the larger community to participate.

Mourners at a Buddhist funeral should wear white rather than black clothing to symbolise grief. Cremation and burial are both acceptable in Buddhism. If the body is to be cremated, monks may be present at the crematorium and lead chanting. If no monks are present, family members may lead chanting. Cremated remains may be collected by the family the following day, and may be kept by the family, enshrined in a columbarium or urn garden, or scattered at sea. Jewish funerals can take place in a variety of locations.

1. Report the Death

Traditionally, burial takes place as soon as possible, within 24 hours. This is not always possible and, given the fact that many modern Jewish families are spread out around the country, it usually becomes necessary to wait a day or two until everyone can arrive. Jewish funerals cannot take place on Shabbat observed from sunset on Friday evenings until the Saturday night or on most Jewish holidays. Orthodox and Conservative Judaism prohibit cremation based on specific passages in the Torah, but some Jews feel that other passages claim otherwise. Rabbinic opinion on the subject states that while cremation ought to be discouraged, the practice is not considered sinful.

According to Shariah Islamic law , the body should be buried as soon as possible from the time of death, which means that funeral planning and preparations begin immediately.

Funeral Costs and Pricing Checklist

A local Islamic community organisation usually helps make arrangements for the funeral service and burial and coordinate with the family and funeral home. The funeral will take place in a Mosque. Cremation is considered to be an unclean practice and therefore Muslims are forbidden to take part in it — even witnessing it. In Islam, funeral rites are prescribed by the divine law and burying the dead is the method prescribed.

Burning the dead is considered a form of mutilation, forbidden by Allah. Traditionally, Hindus prefer to die at home and according to Hindu funeral customs, the body remains there until it is cremated usually within 24 hours after death. The ashes are typically scattered at a sacred body of water or at another place of importance to the deceased. A service may take place later at a Hindu temple which is called a Mandir. At the funeral service mourners wear white as black is considered inappropriate.

Hymns and mantras are recited, and some services include a fire sacrifice. Offerings are made to ancestors and gods. The death of a loved one is a difficult time. Because of the emotional nature of death, every culture has customs and traditions that are usually designed to help family and friends work through their grief.

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Sometimes this is done through funeral arrangements or specific ceremonies to ensure that the deceased is honoured. If there are significant differences in how the family wishes to conduct the funeral, compared to that of the deceased, it is important to be sensitive to the beliefs of everyone involved and to find compromise in the event of a disagreement.

However, if a will has been made, these decisions may already have been decided.