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Carnival Corporation Creates Three Original TV Series for National Networks

  1. From Soldier to Civvy: Reflections on National Service.
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  3. The Other Face of the Moon.

Come See the Paradise. The Joy Luck Club. The Day After Tomorrow. Gaijin 2: Love Me as I Am. Only the Brave. Teacher of the Year. The Good Neighbor. Tour of Duty. Santa Barbara. The Karate Kid. Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes. Babylon 5: The Gathering. Highlander: The Series. The Sentinel. The Last Man on Planet Earth.

The Lady in Red?

The Michael Richards Show. For the People.

Episodes: "Day 2: a. The Agency.

CINDY - a capable robotic helper

Commander in Chief. Women's Murder Club. Saving Grace. Private Practice. The Protector.

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Hollywood Heights. Teen Wolf. How to Get Away with Murder. Berlin Station. The Good Doctor. Classic tales like Cinderella , Snow White , Sleeping Beauty , and Hansel and Gretel , have a more modern feel while brief introductions describe the themes, symbolism, and contemporary relevance of the stories. This beautiful book will appeal to readers of all ages.

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Luckily Amber is up to the task of negotiating between her parents and finding just the right wedding location that both Mom and Max will love. Just Ducks! She hears them when she wakes up in the morning, she watches them feed on her way to school, and she observes them through her window. Her enthusiastic commentary presents both accurate factual information and her pleasure in their personalities. Beautiful watercolor illustrations capture the sleek beauty of these wild neighbors. Lester finds the cafeteria far too loud, is overwhelmed by the number of kids, and is targeted by a bully.

But he works to make a friend, enters the science fair, and even joins a kickball game. Opening a letter addressed to his mother, Lester learns that he has been diagnosed with "autism spectrum disorder" and works to understand what that means. When given the job of mouser, Skilley strikes a bargain with Pip, the lead mouse: Skilley will protect the mice if they supply him with the tasty Cheshire cheese produced by the inn. The unlikely pair work together to restore Maldwyn, a wounded raven, to his rightful place serving Queen Victoria in The Tower.

This delightful book is beautifully illustrated. Plants, animals, and other organisms are organized by the alphabet in this beautifully illustrated book full of interesting factual information. The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles de Lint, Charles Vess Ages 8—12 Lillian Kindred, an orphan living with her beloved aunt, spends her days exploring Tanglewood Forest, befriending the feral cats and imagining how wonderful it would be if the forest were full of fairies.

One day Lillian is bitten by a snake, and the magical cats turn her into a kitten to save her life. Now Lillian must journey through the forest to negotiate with Old Mother Possum to restore the balance. Titanic Sinks! Fictional characters supplement the recollections of actual survivors, presented in the pages of a fictional magazine. Period photographs add to the dramatic effect. Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword by Barry Deutsch Ages 8—12 Mirka 11 wants to be a dragon-slayer, but the entire population of her small Orthodox Jewish community opposes her, especially her brother, seven sisters, and stepmother.

Gollie is small, rumpled, strong-willed, and down-to-earth. Like many best friends, the two squabble about just about anything in this early readers series debut. Three connected stories present conflicts about appearance wild socks , personal boundaries a trek to the Andes , and pets jealousy. When a squirrel is swallowed whole by a Ulysses Super-Suction Multi-Terrain X vacuum cleaner, Flora rescues him and names him after the machine.

This clever novel is a wonderful combination of realistic sadness and comedy. All he needs is a horse. When Leroy meets Maybelline, it is love at first sight, and Leroy is finally ready to ride into the sunset like the heros of his favorite Western movies. This Tales from Dekawoo Drive series opener features characters from other DiCamillo books, like the toast-loving pig Mercy. She decides that if she can win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire competition and get her picture in the paper, her father will see it and come home.

To win, Raymie has to learn to twirl a baton and to do good deeds. Her competition is Louisiana Elefante, a wispy orphan who claims to be the daughter of the famous Flying Elefantes, and Beverly Tapinski, a fierce girl who vows to sabotage the contest.

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Tragedies have influenced all three girls, and as the contest grows closer they gradually begin to trust and rely on each other. Despereaux falls in love with the beautiful human Princess Pea and is banished to the dungeon. Chiaroscuro is a rat who hates the dark dungeon and longs to live in the light above. Miggery Sow is a peasant servant who dreams of wearing a princess crown herself.

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These four characters interact in unexpected ways in this delightful and suspenseful fairy tale. The multi-ethnic children declare that they would take care of the important things first, like making sure that everyone has enough food and a safe place to live, stressing that friendship, kindness, and generosity would be valued more than wealth if they ran the world. They re-named themselves after the winning lottery ticket that made their dream of having a family come true, and have seven home-schooled children of various ages, races, and talents.

They live unconventionally and happily in their room Toronto mansion until the estranged father of one of the parents arrives for an indefinite stay. The personality of the stubborn and conservative grandfather quickly dubbed Grumps is especially hard on Sumac 9 , who has been assigned as his personal guide. This funny story of adjusting to new situations is a winner.

While waiting in a long line, a stranger gives them a free ticket and Salim boards the ride. When his pod arrives back in half an hour, Salim is missing. Ted and Kat overcome their usual sibling friction to work together to solve the mystery. Finally she walks away from their taunts into an overgrown lot where she is bitten by a fox and meets Anders and his father, who is suffering from the effects of serving in the Iraq war.

On the way home from school she meets Tansey, a mysterious young woman who seems familiar though she is dressed in old-fashioned clothes. Tansey has come to help her daughter say good-bye and guide her safely out of this world. The comforting ghost helps Emer, Mary, and her mother Scarlett overcome their fear of death.

Stella by Starlight by Sharon M. But one night Stella and her little brother are out late at night and witness a meeting of the Klan, a signal of trouble to come to the black community of Bumblebee. Stella envies the fine school buildings for the white children and dreams of becoming a writer. Her father is equally determined to vote.