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Includes completely new chapters that cover the financing of sustainable projects as well as Sharia-compliant Islamic project financing New material has been added to the discussion of financial modeling and international debt financing Explores today's most innovative financing techniques and analyzes the shortcomings of unsuccessful project financing attempts Whether you're a corporate finance professional, project planner, or private investor, Project Financing, Third Edition demystifies the complexities of project financing and provides an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to master innovation in corporate finance today.

Structuring the Project. Managing Project Risks.

He is also Managing Principal of Finnerty Economic Consulting, LLC, which specializes in business valuation, securities valuation, solvency analysis, calculation of damages, and litigation support. Finnerty has testified as an expert in valuation, securities, and other financial matters in federal and state court, and in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

As an effective alternative to conventional direct financing, it is being used more frequently—and more successfully—on a wide variety of projects. In this comprehensive new book, John D. Finnerty, Editor of Financial Management, takes an in-depth look at this important financing technique.

Clear, practical, and in-depth, Project Financing is a valuable user's guide for project sponsors, regulators, host governments local and foreign , and financiers alike. It provides an invaluable contribution to financial management literature and practice. John D.

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Project financing is an innovative and timely financing technique that has been used on many high-profile corporate projects, including Euro Disneyland and the Eurotunnel. Employing a carefully engineered financing mix, it has long been used to fund large-scale natural resource projects, from pipelines and refineries to electric-generating facilities and hydroelectric projects.

Increasingly, project financing is emerging as the preferred alternative to conventional methods of financing infrastructure and other large-scale projects worldwide. Campoy, Managing Director, ING Capital Corporation "Project Financing warrants a place in the essential libraries of corporate financial managers, their advisors, senior strategists, bankers, large private investors, government officials, and anyone who aspires to master innovation in corporate finance. Reducing Asymmetric Information and Signaling Costs. Disadvantages of Project Financing.

The Partnership and the Sponsors of the Project. They reason that under stress, project financings can potentially benefit from the implied support of their sponsors.

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But the record of sponsors kicking in to support weak, limited, or nonrecourse projects is mixed at best. Finnerty appropriately focuses on standalone project assessment, based on bottom-up analysis of cash flows and the factors driving them under both expected and stress conditions.

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In addition, Finnerty covers specialized topics that are important for some projects:. The author strengthens his analysis with examples of both U. Illustrating different types of project financings, these case studies document actual project performance, both positive and negative.

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They should prove especially valuable for readers with limited knowledge of how project financings work in both developed and emerging markets. Project Financing has a few weaknesses. Finnerty could have devoted more attention to the following:.

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The book contains a good discussion of the principal sources of capital for projects and provides some data on performance of rated project debt. But one of the ongoing arguments for project finance has been its potential to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to lenders and investors.

Additional material on the investment performance of project debt and equity would have been helpful.