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The contents of this publication may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher. For those who have never been I personally would like to extend an invitation and welcome any questions you may have. I cannot stress how crucial these events are for the success of our industry, association, and local companies.

Reg- istration forms can be found at www. Contact the TCAstaff at for more details. Best wishes to you for a prosperous W e have come to the end of yet another incredible year with the Tennessee Concrete Association and I am proud to be a part of an organiza- tion that has now seen the completion of 25 successful years! As draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past year and all the wonderful things I have seen happen in our industry and in our association. Our industry has dealt with many changes with the continued slowing and downward motion of our economy. But I am so honored to be a part of an organization that has not slowed or allowed difficult economic trends to stop our progress for the future.

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We have not only increased in strength and number, but we also continue to achieve goals that we set long ago. In addition, our community and industry related projects have become bigger and better as we continue to inform companies and individuals on the sustainability and uses of concrete. We have become an active group in and well beyond the state of Tennessee. These achievements are due to the ongoing support of our membership, board, committees and the innovative thinking of the TCA staff. Again, I am so incredibly proud to be a part of such an outstanding group of individuals and can only hope that brings us even more success!

One of the ways that we can continue to propel our association, and thereby our indus- try, forward is to emphasize the importance of being involved in every level of planning and leadership roles available.


The best way for those of us who wish to help TCA continue to improve is to attend the Annual Convention. We routinely take the lofty concepts shown on a set of drawings and turn them into reality, despite a multitude of obstacles. This unwavering deter- mination to move forward and make progress is one of the greatest assets of our industry.

There is no shortage of really important issues crying out for leadership and action, yet our politicians seem only o think in terms of sound bites and expediency as the elec- tions grow near.

ACI 440.8-13: Specification for Carbon and Glass

The standard operating procedure to stir up political action is for various industries and special interest groups to take their case to Washington. The persistent practice of advocating to gain special advantage for narrow interest groups—business, unions, environmental or other—while ignoring the impact on everyone else is inherently unhealthy. I would offer that standard political advocacy in this environment is an exercise in insanity— doing the same thing we have always done and expecting a different result.

I am advocating for each of us to look around in our local community and find something we can do to make it better— and then do it. I can think of several examples where concrete industry companies have identified a need in their community and are even now investing time and resources to meet that need and to make things better for all of us.

If we would engage this best part of who we are in our political arena, I believe our re- sponse to the current political challenges would be markedly different. Alan Sparkman Executive Director.

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I know that I am generalizing to some extent, but I think that most American families in the World War II era responded like my grand- father. Although he was past prime military age, he made the difficult decision to leave his young family and his business to volunteer for the Navy. Americans of all stripes sacrificed to support a common cause and this powered our nation to become truly the greatest nation on Earth.

And here is where I stray back into politics…. I want to challenge you to apply that same un- selfish spirit to your political thinking. And I would ask you to stop the rhetoric for a moment and consider some facts.

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As we in the construc- tion industry well know, our transportation in- frastructure is suffering because political leaders at both state and federal levels have refused for decades to raise the fuel taxes that fund both new construction and maintenance. We—as individuals, as companies, and as industries—need to be asking how we can do our part to restore and invigorate our nation rather than seeking special treatment.

Dennie Underwood phone fax — Parkway — Sevierville, TN We hope you find the in- formation presented helpful in producing improved pervious PCC mixtures. In the final article, lessons from the previous articles are combined to produce high performance pervious concrete HPPC mixture designs. What is HPPC? Further, common aggre- gates, supplementary cementing materials SCMs , and chemical admixtures were required.

Finally, the same light compaction used in parts 1 through 3 was required. The improvement in mixture performance had to be achieved through recent mixture design lessons. Fine aggregates were obtained from the same sources previously used in parts 1 through 3. As used in this section, the term " " shall mean all of the real property forming part of any facility used for the landing and taking off of airplanes engaged in the transportation of passengers, including without limitation, all roadways, parking areas, pedestrian walkways and terminal buildings forming part of such facility.

Independent Study in Civil Engineering. Doctoral Seminar in Civil Engineering. Traffic or transportation engineers focus on the design of roads and highways so that traffic can operate in an efficient and safe manner. You will use the concepts and principles found in civil engineering, one of the oldest areas of engineering, when you learn how to become a traffic engineer Planning Olympic Legacies: read online download Planning Olympic Legacies: Transport Dreams and Urban Realities.

Properties of fluids, hydrostatics, flow of real fluids in closed and open systems, dynamic similarity, dimensional analysis, compressible flow, and potential fluid flow download Stream Stability and Scour at Highway Bridges: Water Resources Engineering : Compendium of Stream Stability and Scour Papers Presented at Conferences Sponsored by the Water Resources Engineering pdf.

Advanced study in civil engineering problems with special emphasis on mathematical modeling and experimental methods. A course arranged to meet the needs of exceptionally well prepared students for study in a particular field of civil engineering , e. The exam is administered by a four member committee consisting of the major advisor and three other members selected by the major advisor ref.

Groundwater protection, river and estuary and groundwater quality management systems.

Numerical Analysis with Structural Application. Interpolation polynomials; numerical integration and differentiation; Taylor series, Fourier, cubic spline, and least-squares polynomial approximations; numerical solution of initial-value problems by Prediction-Correction and Runge-Kutta methods; numerical solution of boundary-value problems by finite difference method; numerical solution of integral equations; approximate solution of ordinary differential equations by weighted residuals and Galerkin methods; approximate solution of variational problems by Rayleigh-Ritz method download Stream Stability and Scour at Highway Bridges: Water Resources Engineering : Compendium of Stream Stability and Scour Papers Presented at Conferences Sponsored by the Water Resources Engineering epub.

Consent decree with Honeywell International, Inc. Click here Civil Engineer CV template purchase for more details. An ambitious and dedicated civil engineer with strong practical and technical skills and a range of experience within construction engineering and project management.