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Is he grieving the fate of Antigone, his bride, bitter that his marriage hopes are gone? And have you now come here angry at your father? Or are you loyal to me, on my side no matter what I do? What greater wound is there than a false friend? Let her marry someone else in Hades.


And so let her appeal to Zeus, the god of blood relationships. If I foster any lack of full respect in my own family, I surely do the same with those who are not linked to me by blood. That destroys whole cities, turns households into ruins, and in war makes soldiers break and run away. When men succeed, what keeps their lives secure in almost every case is their obedience.

Father, the gods instill good sense in men— the greatest of all the things which we possess. But other words might be good, as well. But in the darkness I can hear them talk— the city is upset about the girl. Surely she deserves some golden honour? A father feels the same about his sons. You notice how in winter floods the trees which bend before the storm preserve their twigs.

The ones who stand against it are destroyed, root and branch. So end your anger. Permit yourself to change.

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The things which you both said were excellent. And her— is she not suffering from the same disease? So the city now will instruct me how I am to govern? No, not when I see you making a mistake and being unjust. But your words all speak on her behalf.

Antigone by Sophocles

And yours and mine— and for the gods below. What do you want— to speak and never hear someone reply? Are you so insolent you threaten me? If you were not my father, I might say you were not thinking straight. Would you, indeed? And as for you— your eyes will never see my face again.

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  • So let your rage charge on among your friends who want to stand by you in this. My lord, Haemon left in such a hurry. Are you going to kill them both? You provoke these men to family strife.

    The clash of irrationalities in Sophocles' Antigone.

    When I look at her I forget my place. Surely you carry fame with you and praise, as you move to the deep home of the dead. You were not stricken by lethal disease or paid your wages with a sword. You were in charge of your own fate. So of all living human beings, you alone make your way down to Hades still alive. Below her weeping eyes her neck is wet with tears. God brings me to a final rest which most resembles hers. But Niobe was a goddess, born divine— and we are human beings, a race which dies.

    O you are mocking me! I go to them, unmarried and accursed, an outcast. To be piously devout shows reverence, but powerful men, who in their persons incorporate authority, cannot bear anyone to break their rules. But my fate prompts no tears, and no friend mourns. And get it done as quickly as you can. Then leave her there alone, all by herself— she can sort out whether she wants suicide or remains alive, buried in a place like that. O my tomb and bridal chamber— my eternal hollow dwelling place, where I go to join my people.

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    But I go nourishing the vital hope my father will be pleased to see me come, and you, too, my mother, will welcome me, as well as you, my own dear brother. When you died, with my own hands I washed you.

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    But now, Polyneices, this is my reward for covering your corpse. What law do I appeal to, claiming this?

    That was the law I used to honour you. But Creon thought that I was in the wrong and acting recklessly for you, my brother. Now he seizes me by force and leads me here— no wedding and no bridal song, no share in married life or raising children. In my wretchedness, why should I still look up to the gods? Which one can I invoke to bring me help, when for my reverence they charge me with impiety? The same storm blasts continue to attack the mind in this young girl. Alas, then, those words mean death is very near at hand. No more delaying for me. For he had tried to hold in check women in that frenzy inspired by the god, the Bacchanalian fire.

    But she, too, my child, suffered much from the immortal Fates. The blind require a guide to find their way. From my experience I can confirm the help you give. I knew that they were tearing at each other with murderous claws. The noisy wings revealed that all too well.

    I was afraid. So right away up on the blazing altar I set up burnt offerings. The rites had failed— there was no prophecy revealed in them. I learned that from this boy, who is my guide, as I guide other men. The gods no longer will accept our sacrifice, our prayers, our thigh bones burned in fire. Consider this, my son.

    Men who put their stubbornness on show invite accusations of stupidity.