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A dangerous man bent on ruling the kingdom - whatever the cost. When Rosamond convinces her friend Dan to explore a haunted castle, she expects them to find only a ghost or two. Instead they discover the missing prince, and stumble into the middle of a violent Categories: All Teen Lit. The choices we make can change our destiny. Maura Hart has spent the last three years hiding from the choice that tore away the life she knew and the people she loved.

Now she is finally taking small steps out of isolation, back into the world. The first Categories: All Science Fiction. Jack is a guardian angel. A guardian angel who has failed every single assignment - for the past hundred years. Now he has been given his final assignment, and he has one last chance.

One chance to prove himself, one chance to change his fate. But there is a catch: the assignment can't see him, unless he can find a way to break through, a The final chapter of Zach and Simon's adventures. After his violent encounter with an angel from his former existence, Zach Wiche has been having dreams.

Dreams of falling. There's only one person he can go to for answers - Claire Wiche, the woman who became his mother, his protector, after he fell. When he discovers the reason behind his Categories: All Fantasy. The Messenger. One night will change her life. Sarah Austen escapes her tour group, hoping to find some much needed alone time in Glasgow's Necropolis. The grief she has fought for a year is finally winning, her life falling apart, with no way to stop it. All she wants is solitude. What she finds instead casts her in the unexpected role of Book 1 of an exciting new fantasy series.

Six months after Micah Brachon's abduction, little has changed. He spends his time building projects in his workshop, and trying not to think about Raine Ashmead, the Shira half-blood who walked into his life, and his heart. But when his brother Liam is attacked inside the walls of the When Simon goes missing, Zach is left to fight The final chapter of The Monster Files.

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After a wild and life changing year, Alex Finch is finally settling in - until people in Emmettsville start to go missing. Flimsy evidence points to a local hermit, but when Alex looks beyond the surface, she uncovers clues leading to a nastier conclusion - that a new monster has come to town The Monster Files. The entire, action packed trilogy in one set! Rest For The Wicked She's running from her past - and running out of time. The story of Claire Wiche begins When Annie Sullivan steps into The Wiche's Broom, all she wants is a crystal, and a distraction from her life.

What she finds is Claire Wiche, owner, witch, and the distraction she never even dreamed of - an encounter with a ghost, and a request that throws them both into a murder mystery stretching back Book 2 of the exciting fantasy series. With his brother gone, Micah Brachon has taken on the role of Duke of Palamar.

When the traitors who had his brother enslaved reappear, Micah must stepforward, and become the Duke his people need. It is a role he never wanted, but one he takes on, to move Palamar forward, andkeep the kingdom safe for Love In Time 3 Book Series. He is a time Book 1 of an exciting time travel romance series. Seven men, condemned by a witch for hurting the woman they loved. Only another witch can help them find redemption. Serena Gray is at a crossroads: she hates her job, and is one day away from having to decide whether she can even go back. A mysterious delivery gives her another path She sells her goods to disappointed tourists Reese Pierpoint thought she had enough on her plate - until her father shows up.

He has escaped from the Light Court, and brought a whole lot of trouble in his wake. Trouble that has Reese's name all over it.

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That trouble will Love in Time - The Complete Collection. The complete collection of the Love in Time series, in one box set. Lidia Reston's magic is fading. She hopes that a move to Nocturne Falls will help her find out why - and maybe get some of it back. But when a sexy werewolf crashes into her life - literally - she realizes that the quiet life she Charles de Witt is the next to be chosen by the pendant - and he finds himself in a small town in the Wild West.

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It is unlike his own time, but he is determined to make a go of saving himself, no matter who the pendant Book 3 of The Maggie Mulgrew Mysteries. Maggie Mulgrew has resigned herself to spending Christmas alone, since her love, Pembroke Martin, is neck deep in an important dig. When he shows up, surprising her, she sees nothing but happiness headed her way. She couldn't be Switching between stores will remove products from your current cart.

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Graphic Novels Comic Strips. My Wishlist. Hesitantly, he crept even closer and tried to get a look at the two through the cracked door. We deal with this kind of incident amongst ourselves, without the guard.

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  • Govin heard steps come towards the door and froze. He looked around for a hiding spot, but it was too late.

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    The door opened and an elderly man came out. When he saw Govin, he stopped dead. Petty thief! Govin thought it best not to argue. He turned and hurried out of the door, around the corner and into the next alley. His face was flushed with embarrassment. Slowly, it dawned on him that he had just been caught eavesdropping by Misan Dagovan, the younger brother of the High Mage. He had recognised the face from a picture in the guard house which showed the High Mage and his family.

    No wonder the hall of that mansion was overflowing with wealth. Govin shuddered. Dagovan the Younger really was as intimidating as the whispered rumours said. He took a deep breath to steady himself. Just when he wanted to move on, something tugged at his belt pouch.


    Alarmed, he span around and looked into the frightened face of a little girl. Before he could say anything, she ran off and disappeared around a corner. It took him a few moments to realise what had happened. That girl had tried to pickpocket him! He ran to the end of the alley and looked around, but the girl had vanished. The next street was completely empty. Frustrated, he kicked a pebble out of his way. It flew against the opposite house with a loud bang.