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He lives in Toronto with his wife and son.

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With an innate sense he cannot explain to himself or As relativistic time is not the physical time we measure with physical clocks, special relativity is wrong. The fact that physical time i. Besides the instruction as cause for everything imminent in existence, a function of polarity as residual provisional augmentations of space, light was created with space at its boundaries. On a plain, imagine two gravity sources and fine circular waves gravity. On every point, vector of two gravity acts as a resultant force and there is a point where the resultant force disappears.

Next, gravity source is one.

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Huge elevator cabin is in free fall. Fortunately, this elevator is empty. So, resultant force of gravity and inertial force that acts on every point of the structure does not disappear. Many substances solids, fluids, etc are moving in various accelerated motion. According to this motion, inertial force occurs.

Imagine water of a current. Involvement between inertial force and gravity will be on resultant force only. The two are corresponding qualitatively and quantitatively.

Free fall of an elevator will be one of the problems of resultant force composition of forces. All will be explicable as a problem of resultant force. There are two pictures.

THE HAPPINESS EQUATION by Neil Pasricha - Trailer

Direction of vectors is opposite right and left. In one picture, forces are gravity and gravity. In the other picture, gravity and inertial force.

The Happiness Equation

Two pictures will not be the same an infinite small area will be also. Science will never be able to find out and understand many phenomena in the universe because it does not know the basis of the universe. First of all, no one knows what is matter, how and from what forms and how gravity and magnetism originate and who causes them. Besides this, science did not understand the sequence of formation and processes of the origin and disappearance of celestial bodies.

Black holes are not the result of a star explosion. They are created under the influence of gravity, when in a given system, it accumulates so much mass that it represents a critical mass and critical gravity, when the matter returns to the form of the substance from which it was formed, and that substance is Aether that fills the infinite universe. Who started to say gravitational acceleration? Is it a technical term really? It seems to be an adjective. Is there a difference between an acceleration caused by an ordinal force? If there is not a difference, a thing called gravitational acceleration will not exist.

Allow me to show new URL of my web site service of geocities japan ends on Mar Every inertial force is measurable. Every gravitational force is measurable also.

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In an elevator in free fall, there is no exception. In space, there are two gravitational sources point source. In the middle of the two, a small area is selected. This area will be a state of weightlessness not zero gravity. Like an elevator in free fall. There is inumerable vectors of inertial forces and gravity everywhere.

On an elevator cabin, why they are making a big fuss? Differene of inertial motion and accelerated motion will be difference of motion relative to aether frame. And accelerated motion and inertial force are the front and back of a fact. Inertial force is not a fictitious force. On a plane, pararell lines are drawn. On each line, light sources frequency is the same are moving in the opposite direction. Phenomenon horizontal Doppler effect will not be.

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  4. A passenger car is accelerating at a, to the right. A body is hung from the roof by a string. Can the string distinguish mg caused by acceleration and by gravity? No, it is a joke. But a picture of an elevator seems to be a joke also. Accelerated motion Accelerated motion will be the motion relative to aether frame. Vector causes the same vector of inertial force. Gravity has no connection. From every inertial frame, accelerated motion is possible to know qualitatively and quantitatively. A site on anti relativity A web site written by member volunteers of Japan science council is now being published in Japanese.

    Email address is optional. If provided, your email will not be published or shared. Home About Contact Newsletter Resources. More on SciTechDaily. Rudra Kamat December 22, at am Reply. Jozef Mitros December 22, at am Reply. Donald Marks December 22, at am Reply. Filip Downar December 22, at am Reply. The answer to the chicken, egg question would be a link between Einstein general relativity and Standard Model P.

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