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I assure you, your body can function amazingly well without all of that nonsense. If you have a hard time believing that you can live without strictly counting calories or macronutrients, but would like to give it a shot and as a result, lose those last 15 pounds, improve your digestion, and get a body you love , you might like to work with me.

I work with a select number of highly motivated clients at a time, so you get the attention you deserve and the results you paid for. Go HERE to learn more. Download your FREE chapter from. Real Food for Pregnancy. You'll also receive Lily Nichols' weekly newsletter. Unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy. Never looking back! I, too, see some really strange dietary choices going on when people get too obsessed with the numbers. Downside Review Vols. 98 - ( - )

Fits right in with the reasons tracking macros can be a good thing that mention at the beginning of this post. I started counting my macros years ago no longer do , and can relate to so much of what you wrote here.

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I went into it with good intentions — just to see where my diet was at, play around with the ratios, and lose a couple pounds, but it spiraled out of control. I stopped trying new recipes because I got tired of calculating all of it you have to put in every single ingredient exactly, then divide by a measured serving to get anything close to accurate , I began eating more packaged food hello, the numbers are right there!

Honestly, I had a borderline eating disorder and it took me a while to quit. I had to delete My Fitness Pal from my phone and find the courage to trust my body again. I read a book on mindful eating, which helped a lot, too. Thanks for being one of the few voices of reason in the online world, Lily! I have been struggling with Anorexia for the past three years.

To the point where I would only intake calories a day about of those calories came from Malibu Rum. I hit rock bottom and started to see a nutrionalist and a therapist. I have done nothing but calorie count for those three years. Weighing and measuring every single thing before it went in my mouth. I am now on a calorie diet to regain weight. My problem is that my ED has decided I need to be obsessed with micronutrients. I am really struggling with this. Once i hit my weight goal my nutrionalist told me we will no longer be calorie counting and I hyperventilate at the thought of it.

Do you have any suggestions? What I am against is misleading the public, I have recently stumbled upon what seems to be an innocent misuse of the definition of sedentary. That is, the calculator being used stipulated that a sedentary lifestyle was anything less than full on lumberjack work. Clearly this is not true by definition or common sense, but what this does do is immediately place you in deficit in terms of calories because it views you as being inactive and therefore assumes you require less calories.

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The problem with this is twofold, firstly: it decieves the user as opposed to educating them about proper nutrion and choices by by-passing the truth so to speak. Secondly, and leading from the first point, this deficit is essentially starving the participants which is why the dramatic results can be seen, however the potential for long term health issues is increased following this process.

I cant help thinking how many people are suffering both mentally and physically trying to maintain what is essentially a bodybuilder pre competion diet! I went to a new funcional medicine dr yesterday and he basically told me I am malnourished, even though I have like an extra lbs on me. I guess I realized bc I have a large family, I end up eating at the end or give them the meat and eat the rice and beans or lentils or whatever I made to bulk up the meal.

Like what is my plate supposed to look like? I also fear doing keto the wrong way. Do I eat Mostly protein, a little fat and mostly veggies? Sounds like aip. Best of luck! Learn how a real food approach can help in this free video series. Read the first chapter of real food for pregnancy for FREE.

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Nostalgia: New book celebrates history of Downside village

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