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The ‘_TrackSocial()’ method

Go where they already go. Interact with them where they are already interacting. As usual the feedback here is greatly appreciated. Thanks folks. As a note you really have to test any review link in a number of environments with a number of variables; mobile, desktop, logged in, not logged in, in-cognito or no. What you will find with that URL is that it works great on desktop AND mobile but will fail miserably if the user is not logged in.

Kinda suspected so. Looks like some really smart people at the Local Search Forum are on this for a once and for all solution. Heading back over there to figure it out. The new tools some of the pros at my place just built get around all these problems and auto-generate links in a variety of ways based on your needs. Here are all the options:. I think they cover all the link variables you mentioned above that are so tricky to figure out now.

Google+ May Finally Matter Thanks To YouTube Comments

Most of them fail in one or the other of the above scenarios. They all seemed to think it works.

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My clients are so frustrated with their Google My Business pages. They are lost. I have to show them how to find their pages. Usually I help them switch back to Classic. Then on the map their bad reviews show at the top and their good reviews below that. Two really bad reviews are given top billing over twenty good ones, in one case. Three clients have asked me to find a way to disable their reviews or delete their entire My Business.

They say since they are not in the 3 pak consistently local results here are in constant flux sometimes there is a 3 pak, sometimes not, sometimes the client is number one in most of the city, sometimes not in 3 pak at all and the reviews are problematic, they want me to get rid of the page and focus solely on organic. They think local optimization is a waste of limited resources.

How To Use Google+ App On Android and iOS

One client wants to quit any site that has reviews including BBB where he has a great rating, Yelp, Facebook.. All good looks phony. The tragedy is how poorly Google has communicated with the small business about all the changes.

They spend resources getting them on the Maps. Now most businesses are more confused than ever that I meet about the show issue. Brian While I agree at one level, at the other given how much traffic Google returns, most SMBs are too self interested to just walk away.

The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Google Plus

Instead of just giving it a proper burial, Google is forcing it to die a thousand deaths. After reviewing the emails during the earlier days I simply stopped….. I found the dashboard to be a misleading waste of time, with google controlled data that you could not confirm via a secondary source.

Do you remember them, Mike??? Keyword data without geo descriptions? On the latest data from google they reported clicks on the website. I checked against analytics. Why do they send that???? Why did they do this over the years??? On the visits to driving directions….

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How do I know its not some bogus bs marketing data without any way to substantiate it? Where does the photo views come from??? Really what the heck is it???? Why do they and why did they send data that simply leaves an smb in wonderment??? On the mobile phone data…I really wish we could substantiate this!!!!!!! Is there a technological way to check against automatic clicks on a mobile phone click icon????

Think of that; virtually a decade with crappy bs, unsubstantiated and remarkably controlled data. For individual businesses I simply never needed this. I could see the google reviews and respond via email, or simply see the list itself. Back in , she taught herself HTML and started building websites and e-commerce sites.

90 thoughts on “The New Google Plus – All About Collections Not About Business”

After her fifth child was born, she took a break, and when she returned she discovered that everything centered around social media. Kim adapted well to this change and is now a successful digital strategist and marketing manager for Social Media Examiner. Have questions or comments? Leave a message in the comment section below!

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Ratings and reviews mean a ton to podcasters and I would really appreciate it. They matter in how iTunes ranks the show and I honestly do read every one of them. Thanks to Kim for being such a great guest. This is very interesting.